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Reoccuring wishes, don't know if they are in 2009



1-I'd like to see a check box for putting labeling tools (drawing labels, reference markers, etc) into a predefined user class (ie. LABELS). Dimensions have this ability, why not labels? And I know that one can make custom tools that do this. But the drawing label is not available. It will show up as a spiral.

2-I'd like to be able to change the focus point of a light to be above the light source, as it would be in a floor based light.

3-When creating a viewport, why can I not predefine it's class? Similar to point 1 above.

4-Why does a drawing label not update it's title when the viewport's name is changed? And vice versa?

5-The section viewport tool is great! Works fantastic! Why does it return to some default setting every time I section a viewport. My lineweights, text sizes, fill settings, are always returned to some default that I don't remember setting.

6-Melding of hidden line render and "lines and shadow" artistic rendering. Or rather: I'd like hidden line render to have shadowing capabilty so that I can know what it's lineweight will be. OR, instead of a slider for line thickness in the artistic option, let me choose a lineweight from my attributes pallete.

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I'll take a crack at a couple

1. No. You just have to make it part of your workflow to be in that class when you create the label or marker.

2. Yes.

5. There is a Section Style class that controls the line weights and fills of the sectioned objects. It gets created the first time you create a section. I've never found a way to change the default (red fill. 1.02 pt black line). I change it in every drawing. I suppose if I were smarter I'd make it part of my .sta file.

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Believe me, I'd love to call the stupid tool. But the tool's number (I'm talking about the drawing label) when looked at in an exported vs file, when called, is the spiral tool. So I guess I need to build the tool from scratch?

I don't really want to build a plug in tool for everything that I use. I'm asking why the program is written so that dimensions are given special abilities to be auto classed and nothing else. Obviously it's possible, it's just not being implemented.

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Tool objects can autoclass. You need to turn the document option for it on. File / Document Settings / Standard Naming... You need to select the Standard you wish to use. If one of those doesn't suit your needs then you will need to create your own. Before you start make sure you read the documentation on it in the PDF manuals (located in the Additional Documentation folder inside the VWHelp folder).

You can set the defaults for tools in a specific document. What you need to do is select the tool, click on its Preferences button on the Mode Bar (this opens up a dialog box called Object Properties), set the Preferences (aka Properties) to what you want and then close the dialog box. Once you have saved the document these preference settings will become the defaults for that document from then on. If you want this to become global for all new documents then you need to create a new template file having the tool preferences for all tools set to what you want using the procedure described above.

Neither of these procedures are particularly obvious and many users are unaware of them. Given that most of us are creatures of habit and like our drawings to have a consistant appearance providing the ability to also set them globally on an individual tool basis would greatly assist user friendliness.

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Regarding number one,...

What you may find useful are "Red Symbols". setup a base version of the PIO you want including any and all common settings that will speed up your workflow.

With it selected make it in to a symbol, click the options button after giving it a name.

First option you want is the tick box for "Convert to Plug-in Object" and the next one just below where you can select what class you want the object to insert in to.

As you pull these symbols into the drawing they become PIO but all set up for you.

Maybe not the solution you want but does have some advantages as well to make up for the change.

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Grant, Standards Naming is there on the Architect workspace in VW 2008 and also VW 12 (see images below).

Item 5: Can be solved by using the second process I described in my post above to set the file defaults.

Item 6: Use Artistic Renderworks. Have a look at the Line and Shade rendering mode. Don't forget that you can use a Viewport having a different foreground rendering mode.

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Unfortunately I don't have Architect, I have Spotlight. And it's not there. Which is a separate issue. One that has been complained about many times by many users. I will never buy architect just so I can have access to those features.

As to melding the artistic rendering modes, yes, I've done the overlay of hidden lines and other modes. My point is this:

Why can I dictate the precise (mm, point, etc) size of a line in one part of the program, and in another I have to use a slider? Doesn't that seem inconsistent?

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Apologies Grant.

I now understand your autoclassing problem and agree that it would be better to have an option to set the default class for each of the tools (much like you can with symbols). A simple and obvious answer to the problem which would make the program more user friendly. Also more consistent because that is how other objects (ie. symbols) are inserted into the drawing.

I suspect the slider is because that is the way Artistic Renderworks comes from Lightworks. I agree consistency would be better.

Anti-matter has correctly pointed out that there is a problem with the Section Viewport marker. You should bug report it as he suggests.

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