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Label Manager Field Placement Questions

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I'm sure this has been discussed before, but couldn't find a relevant post in the forums after a quick search.

The label legend manager has been fine for units that face US/DS, but I've never had good luck with units facing SL/SR (side lights on an electric, for example) because the orientation of the sample light is always up/down on the screen. I end up trying to tweak it for a little while, give up in frustration, and just move labels one by one where needed.

I'm now on 2009 after a LONG time on 9.5.2 and wondered if this is any better. The Label Legend Manager seems the same as before. Back before Spotlight, I used MacLux and as I remember, it had a function where you could "copy" the field placement of a unit and apply it to other units. Does such a function exist in VW? Is there a better method than trial and error for creation of Label Legends? Can you "clone" the placement of labels into a newly created legend?


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