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File path does not default to file location

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When I open a file from Windows explorer the "save as" path does not set to the current file location, instead it is at what ever the location of the last path that I directed VW2009 to. This is the way that VW 12 worked and we were all pretty used to it at my office. Is there any setting to change it back to the old way.

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It is irritating, isn't it! However, reading between the lines (apologies if I misunderstand, but it's long ago since I last read this sermon here, so perhaps it is not wasted even if it is not applicable to your office):

?Saving as? is in general bad practice. We all need to do it from time to time, but it should never be used to create the ?current version? of a file. The current version of each stage should always retain its name & location. Archive copies are made in the OS.

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It breaks references even for a one-person operation. In a larger firm, it can be a total disaster, with many people happily working on a different copy of the ?current version?.

Almost verbatim: I've seen file nimes like ?Job Drawing Current Latest Updated Jack?

Is Jill with her VW supposed to know what & where the latest version is? Or to know to ask from Jack?

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