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dimensions properties

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Hi Friends,

I am new on this site.

I don't know how to give dimension text height before starting the dimension command. I know how to modify dimension text height and it's properties, but I don't know how to we give expected options before starting the dimension text.



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As Mike says, they way you set the default attributes (both for text and colors/fills/line weight, etc.) is by making sure nothing is selected in the drawing and then using the Text menu or the attributes palette to set the defaults the way you want them.

You can change the defaults at any time, just make sure nothing is selected, or only the selected items will change.

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Hi Mike, It's working. I really thanks.

I have another Issue.

I have changed my own shourtcut tools with the help of workspace editor. I would like to transfer this shortcuts from my Office PC to My home PC. some times I have changed shortcuts. so that I need this type of options. can you please help me.



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