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Vectorworks to Autocad?????


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my tutor wants our projects to be on autocad, but i have no access to autocad right now

What is the course about ? AutoCAD draughting (often disguised as 'CAD technology' or '[your future profession] IT') or design? If the former, you may well fail. The translation is likely to be OK, but the result may not demonstrate a particularly high level of CAD-monkey skills that would provide you with Employment Prospects.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Peter.

One more thing before you submit your "Autocad" drawings, double check that your translation is perfect, I suggest you download one of those Autocad viewers and check that things are in order.

We don't want our users to fail their studies due to a overlooked translation error

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I tested the free DWG TrueView 2009 reader from AutoCad on the Windows XP partition of my MacBook Pro (OS 10.5.5, Vwks 2009 Designer SP2) sending over a multisheet file in DWG and the translation was great* except for fonts which is no surprise considering I use Arial Narrow which I've not yet placed in XP and so the default font caused the text to run long. Otherwise, it was a revelatory experience to see the file on AutoCad's turf.

They do shake a boney finger at you with the warning that the file you are importing WAS NOT created in AutoCad.

The Microspot viewer is $49 US, as a download. I think Jeffrey said it was $110?

*I did not print the set from the PC side, only viewed it.

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Hey, this is great news to hear. But I've got a higher level question that I can't seem to readily find on the BB.

A. When exporting to DWG for say, use by consultants for backgrounds, what is the best practices method, steps and settings to give them good clean drawings? (We've had reasonable success, albeit through trial and error, with plans only. We have used eDrawings to preview, but it is not reliable as it would be to open in AutoCAD, which we don't have. I will be trying TrueView using Parallels running Windows XP next.)

B. As we have gotten into the habit of building our models in 3D to generate elevations and sections, etc., what is the process to export 2D elevations to DWG format in hidden line format, so that it essentially matches our WYSIWYG view in out viewports.

Again, step-by-step instructions would be GREATELY APPRECIATED. I only have so much stress-related hair to pull out, and my designers are too young to go bald.

If there is an existing thread that I've missed, please provide the link and we can take it from there. We are transitioning from VWA 2008 to 2009.

Thank you!

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If you are having problems getting the DWG output you want from your 3D viewports, you might try using the exploded lines process discussed in detail and with video tutorial in the last two newsletters found here:


The 32nd letter has a text discussion, the 33rd includes links to a video which can be downloaded.

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