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vw landmark 2009 lines and symbols appear offset and other problems


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I upgraded to vw landmark 2009 from 12.5. Using vw 12 and 12.5 I was able to do simple landscapes designs by just playing with the program

I am having problems doing the same with 2009 version.

I am not using viewports just design layers. I start the drawings and can find the same tools and they seem to work much the same.

this morning I was working on a plan and I couldn't click on line or arc objects to select.

I clicked on something and a line seemed to be chosen but when I resized it a different line resized.

If I drew a circle it showed up way offset from where I drew it.

Other problems I have run into is at some times I can only draw lines that are longer than 4.5 '

The snap distance makes it impossible to always draw lines where I want them. the snap grid is set at 6" display at 5' but it seems to try to snap at something like 4 or 5' to end points or mid points or ???

some times plant objects loose their symbol and show as a cross.

at this point these are my main problems and I realize that there are probably settings I have wrong but looking the documentation over I haven't found where they are.

as I mentioned some of these behaviors seem consistent snap grid and others seem to just show up suddenly. Presumably because I did something but what?

I upgraded because I am using mac 10.5 and 12.5 has display problems

Jim Rogers

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