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Have you been to any of the other forums for Revit, Microstation, or ArchiCAD, heck even AutoCADD? They are all about the same as most people seem to speak passionately about features that keep them from doing there work as opposed to features that enhance their work. This one is no different. phanta rei just started a list of all things one finds that has helped with their work maybe you should chime in?

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is this not the same as "why can not architects produce construction documents with out any errors?"

i am very methodical in my approach to making cd's yet there are always some errors. i can not begin to imagine what it takes to make software.

when architects can produce drawings w/ no errors then maybe they can give advice to people who write code.

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One of the issues is what people actually consider to be bugs. Sometimes it is because the program doesn't work the way they think it should or doesn't do what they think it should.

Reporting bugs, and carefully constructing a case for why things should be different and submitting them, is more likely to bring about fixes and changes than a general rant.

I've been involved here on the Techboard for a while and NNA do respond to users wishes and they do fix problems. We all need to be mindful though that VW is a very complex piece of software with many different types of users from many countries. Not everybody's needs are the same and satisfying everyone is impossible.

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Have you been to any of the other forums for Revit, Microstation, or ArchiCAD, heck even AutoCADD?

I don't know what was originally written by j.christ but I have to say there is a case to be made that all of these programs are too complex and buggy.

I often wonder what Apple might produce if they put their resources into building a CAD program.

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Although Steve Jobs other board position at Disney, through the sale of Pixar, means 3D animation is close to his heart.

I heard a couple of years back of Apple's interest in the 3d market sector, but it seems this has not been developed as far as their own software branding.

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