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Floor area worksheet question

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...which I had done previously.

I thought it would be cleaner, and especially more error-proof, to use the actual floors. I *have* to move them as my plan progresses, and it's tedious and easy to forget to move the space objects as well. Now that I don't have to inset my floors to allow for an additional textured bit on the edges, the floors seem even more useful for this. Is that unreasonable?

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and to further clarify, I'm looking for area to outside of walls, as would be reported on a site plan. Not individual room areas. I don't see a way of accomplishing that with the automatic updating version of the space tool. I have converted a copy of the floor poly into a space object (classed invisible), which then needs editing (and remembering!) with each change.

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It is super easy.


Create a worksheet, make a row into a Database.

Set Criteria to "Type is Floor"

The formula you need for the floor area is simply "=Area/144" don't type the quotes.

The 144 is because by default it will give you square inches and I wanted S.F.

(Those in metric can figure out what you are getting to determine if you need to add a division)


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OK, it seems whenever I create a schedule, it asks what record-based objects I want to point to. I'll dig a little harder to figure out the non-record criteria bit.

I used CriteriaArea in the first post question, and was getting either the area or double the area for different floors. I've since rebuilt the floors, and am getting consistent double area, so adding /2 has given me a workable solution for now.


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