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Let's say something positive for a change

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Shall we? I know this is totally out of character for me, but, Your Honours, I have no prior record of this kind of behaviour, so I plea for leniency.

In the last three releases there have been various improvements that have made at least my work easier and more productive.

In no order of significance, I'd like to nominate the following items as candidates for Truly Significant Recent Improvements:

- General robustness

- True referencing

- Two-way worksheets

- Explicit wall openings in symbols and PIOs, including the disappearance of the wall ?bottom plate? for doors.

- 24-bit colour, named colours and editable colour palettes

- Added function calls in VectorScript

Finally, my nominees for the Nice Try But No Cigar Yet category are:

- Site model


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Your spirit of magnanimity is so touching, I actually got a little choked up.. ;). Really...

I agree that the DTM has become less stable and reliable over the last two releases. I am hopeful that this trend can be halted and reversed very soon.

Don't lose hope on IFC. Our engineering staff are working very hard on this. I know you want access to VS IFC calls. In truth, we do want to give them to you, when they are ready and working properly. Patience (although mine is running out, too) and time....

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Merely that it needs a little more customisation in terms of presentation; in example it would be nice to set the Room Name text to be multi-line or wrapped to Space boundary extents. NNA's current workaround is to make the Space name blank and add a text box to replace it. Other than that, the tool is a godsend in many respects.

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