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henry's mom

graphic attributes not changing from"use @ creation" box

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I am trying to change all walls of a class to have a graphic attribute (some textures).

I thought by check'g the "use at creation" box in a class's graphic attributes box I would get what I want but nothing is changing..any ideas? (thought this worked before)


XP, VW 12.5.3 architect, renderworks

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Are these walls assigned to a "Wall Style?"

If so, then the wall will use the attributes of that Wall Style, ignoring what is in the attributes palette and class setting.

So you can make the walls "Unstyled,"


Edit the wall style definition...which you will find that you can set to "Use Class Attributes,"

in which case you can again control the wall by the class settings.

Make sense? It will when you play with it for a minute.

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In addition to the Styled Wall question, the Use at Creation will not automatically change all of the objects that are already in the drawing.

You will need to select them and change the settings for fill/pattern/color/etc. to By Class in the Attributes Palette. Or use the Custom Modification to do them all at once.

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I cannot seem to change them all at once - TEDIOUS!

I remember changing the style for walls and all changing at once...is this gone? any other ways?

the methods above (as far as I can tell) require selecting each wall and changing it in render tab.

Thanks all

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You could try a little custom selection script, Type=Wall and assign the Class Attributes to the resultant active selection.

DSelectAll; SelectObj(INSYMBOL & INVIEWPORT & (T=WALL));

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Custom Selection will select all of the objects, but it will only let you modify the ones that are currently accessible (visible layers at same scale, layer options allowing modification, classes visible, class options allowing modification, not in a group or symbol).

Custom modification will let you get to all the objects and change them no matter where they are.

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