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plant symbols gone from plan 2009


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I am transfering from 12.5 to 2009 and am having some problems that I suppose if I understood things I might be able to figure out by myself.


I was doing a real simple landscape to try 2009 out and I used some plant symbols. I open and closed it ok several times but eventually 3 of the 4 plant symbols i used displayed as a simple cross. now all the plant symbols display as a cross when used.

In my previous post I asked also about importing the 12.5 plant symbols into 2009.

The response I got was to load a file with the 12.5 symbols save and reopen in 2009 close and open and then I can load into resource browser. However I haven't been able to see how to import them into the resource browser.

I can use a template that shows the symbols but shows them as used in the design which I can work with butis less than ideal.

As an aside if I use a plant symbol for one plant and want to use it for a different plant that is a different size when I edit the symbol the old symbols change to the newly edited size etc. This is different than 12.5


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>However I haven't been able to see how to import them into the resource browser.<

With the file open, go to your Resource Browser Palette. Under the drop down menu 'Files', the first choice is 'Add current to Favorites'. This will then put all the plant resources of that file into the RB as a favorite. You can then drag them onto a new drawing or right click and 'Import'. They'll then be in your new drawing.

You may eventually want to create a drawing that has just defined trees (call it favourite trees) , another drawing just shrubs, etc, and add those files to your favorites. Otherwise you will keep having to add new files to your favourites whenever you create new plant definitions.

Yes, stacking up your template with plant definitions only makes the new file huge before you even begin to draw a line.

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Alchemilla could you please explain in more detail how I add the files with favourite plants to the resource browser?

I uploaded the default plant symbols and then defined a number of plants using these symbols (changing their size, spread etc.) ... but saving them in a template was the only way I could think of so that I would be able to use them in another document.

I don't understand how to add them to my favourites.


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I had the same thing happen to some of my plant symbols when converting from VW12 - they disappeared and I had a cross instead. I opened the plant symbol to edit in the resource browser and then closed it, and the symbol seemed to work fine after that. I don't know why the symbols disappeared in the meantime.

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