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Bend along path???

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Is there a way to bend along a path, or just plain bend or arc or curve 3d polylines. I have a vector based logo (custom, not using a font, so I can't use text along path...) It starts out as 2d polylines, and currently I have it as one group of 3d polylines. I am trying to bend it along a curved wall surface.


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Hi Mark

Is this what you mean?

If it is, I used the 'Project tool' to project NURB curves onto the inside of the tube to make a curved surface of the shield and then moved the created solids outside the perimeter of the tube. There is some info in the VW Help on how to use it the tool.


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Thanks for the quick response. This is not quite what I'm looking for. This basically acts like a standard extrude, but then slices on the curved nurbs surface. I need the logo to actually wrap around the curve. Imagine if I'd like to wrap a logo completely around a column, the project tool wouldn't give the right effect. 3d Studio has a tool called "bend", that is basically what I need.

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