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Insertion tool ,Textures problems


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i have a problem with the insertion tool...when i use it,all the textures turn really bad...when i put a symbol without the insertion tool the textures don't change,but then they are only 2D/3D symbol and not a lighting device...

I work with ESP Vision,when i export the scene from VW to Vision all textures and image props disapear...

i need help with this...


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The textures do not change, the lighting changes.

When you insert a lighting device into the document you are placing a light source and the automatic lighting created by Vectorworks is automatically turned off, so you will hae to turn a light on or place your own area light. (There is no way to prevent this.)

The problem with textures not exporting to ESP Vision is due to ESP Vision requiring a newer version of Quicktime than Vectorworks. See ESP Vision Forums

If the textures assigned the the objects change, that's a problem that I have not seen.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The behavior of the lighting device changed significantly since 12.5. In 2008 and beyond ever lighting device has a renderable light inside of the lighting device. In 12.5 you had to manually insert lights and Gobo Projectors in order to render a light in VW. Since VW sees lights in the document, it turns off the automatic light because there are other lights. This causes the texture to look different. If you place an area light or light the objects the textures will render correctly.

It looks like the problem with the image prop is related to the ESP Vision exporter and Quicktime. Even with QT 7.2 there are still some textures that do not export. ESP Vision is working on the problem.

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in 2008 when my students insert lights (using the instrument insertion tool) and turn them on the ambient light does not turn off. We need to go into the View - lighting menu and manually turn off ambient.

Is this new in 2009, or should it be happening in 2008 also??

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Two different lights. Layer ambient still works the same in 2009.

"Default lighting is added by Vectorworks for the basic visibility of rendered objects. For a more realistic rendering, one or more light sources can be added to the drawing. The addition of a light source automatically hides the default lighting scheme, so that the scene is not overly bright.

The brightness and color of objects in shadow are affected by the layer?s ambient light setting."

The default light source created by VW is more of a directional light source then the ambient layer light.

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