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2D Selection goof

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Somehow I've changed the default from double clicking the screen to get you from a drawing command to the 2D selection tool to double clicking to the 3D selection tool. I have no idea how I may have changed this. Is there a setting somewhere to change it back so that I arrive at the 2D selection tool.

Thanks in advance.

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I have encountered this too. It happens when the layer you are working in is in the 3D mode, instead of 2D.

You change this under the "View" menu. Set "Standard Views" to "Top / Plan" which is "command+5" on the mac. This will put you in "2D Plan" under "Projection" which is also in the "View" menu.

I have yet to determine why a layer will become set to a 3D projection. It seems to happen spontaneously, but more than likely is because of some operation or key stroke error....

Anybody know the cause of this?

Another tip: Get used to using the keyboard to select tools. 2 taps on the "x" key de-selects the items you were working on and also selects the 2D selection tool.

This is useful when you're zoomed in close and there is no open drawing space to double click on.

z = hand pan tool

c= zoom in

v=zoom out, etc

Good Luck.

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