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viewport crop editing

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How do you edit a viewport crop?

We have set the viewport box on the sheet layer so that it is invisible (ie no line), however we are experiencing great difficulties in trying to subsequently edit the shape/scale etc of the viewport in the sheet layer.

When I make one on my 12.5.3 version, it seems to work - I can double click on the area of the screen where the line would be, and I get the box where you choose how you want to edit (annotations/crop etc) and then I can still change the properties of the viewport. However my colleague can't make this work on her version of the same program at all - she can get as far as the editing choice box, and it seems to work but then she can't actually edit anything - she can't snap onto the viewport frame to change it's shape or anything.

Can anyone help? It's driving her (and consequently the rest of the office!) mad!

All ideas will be much appreciated, thank you!


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Sorry! I hardly ever post & didn't realise there was an etiquette to these things, apologies.

We have tried doing 'select all', and 'force select', but nothing happens at all.

Another problem we have had is that when you pick the 'design layer edit' option for editing a viewport, it sends you to the design layer, but there is no way back - nothing shows up in the sheet layers and the only way of getting anything back is to go through everything manually and switch on each class. This is very odd, as the other two options (Crop and Annotations) have an 'exit crop' button in the top right corner.

It's all a bit of a puzzle - we are just two trying to figure this out and the help book is not much help!

Any other ideas for things we could check?

Thank you

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Ah ha!

We seem to have fixed the problem, thank you! Too much random drawing of viewports on our part, and too many different classes switched off. I wonder why the book doesn't tell you to make a dedicated class for viewports? We will definitely be doing this from now on!

The design layer edit is still a bit of a mystery though, as it seems a good idea but you end up having to switch all the classes on again that were switched off in the design layer. A bit frustrating when you have lots of classes.

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