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Dimension text size

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Is there a way to globally change the size of the text within a dimension. It seems that the size of the text is a default somewhere, but I cant find it. I know that I can ungroup an individual dim. & use the text tool to change the size but that is awfully tedious to do for every dim. Is the text size based on the layer scale in which you are drawing?

I'm drawing details & the text that is appearing in the dimensions is too big! Thanks in advance for any help.

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If you select the dimension and then go into your TEXT pulldown menu, you can change the text size from there. You don't have to ungroup the dimension. What I Like to do is put all my dimensions on one layer so if I need to make changes I can do so globally (i.e select all, and then change text size, Dim stds/etc.)

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When you set up your layer scale uncheck the

"scale text" checkbox. All your dimensions will then have the default text size regardless of layer scale. If you want all your dimensions a certain size, with nothing selected set the default text size that you want before placing any dimensions, this will remain the default until you change it.



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I hope I am not missing something here, but aren't dimensions automatically added to the dimension class?. If that is indeed the case then all you need to do is turnoff the other classes, lasso the remaining items in the dimension class, then go to the text pull down menu and globally change the font size to whatever you want. You may also want to change the spacing between the text and the dimension line using the object info palette.

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