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Problems with PrintoPDF

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Originally posted by jhutchison:

I did some tests. I was using vesion 2.2 with VA9, and it did not work. However, I downgraded to version 2.1.5, and it now works fine. Strange.

What is "PrintoPDF"? it sounds like something I could use like the AutoCAD "plt" file. I want to be able to export PDFs of VW9. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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If you have a Mac, you can just use PDFwriter or Acrobat Distiller from Adobe, or Print2PDF - they work like a virtual printer. The file generated is a obviously a .pdf-file.

As far as I know, Adobe's Products are available at least for NT4, W98.

Since I turned away from Microsoft, I can only inform you about these old OS's.

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On a PC you can go to a site called www.ctrlp.com and down load a free pdf writer. I cant remember the applications name but I use it all the time. It simply installs another printer that you can choose under you print options. When you use it it puts a pdf on your desktop.

I think you have to reqister with the site, Its some kind of printer service in England.

Good luck

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