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Is it possible to reference Wall Styles?

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Is it possible to reference wall styles?

I have file 1 and file 2.

File 1 includes a wall style defined in the resource browser.

File 2 references the wall style from file 1 and contains walls which use this wall style.

If I open file 1 without closing file 2, edit the wall style and save file 1, I can then refresh the reference link in file 2 causing the referenced file definition to update and triggering an update of the walls that use the style.

If I update the style definition in file 1 and save it while file 2 is closed, I find that I can not open file 2 and that attempting to do so crashes VectorWorks.

I am using VW 2008.

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Yes, you can. The crash may be caused by the Reference wanting to update upon File 2 open if you have it set to Auto Update the Reference. To solve this issue open the File 2 what ever way that works and change the setting.

What may be causing this issue is the dialog to change the Walls effected by the wall style change cannot complete thus causing a crash. This is just a guess and it could be something entirely different that is causing your crash.

You can report this Bug at


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