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Fundamental, Multi-line field in custom Title Block

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In the Help for 2009 there is section under Fundamental that is called "Creating a Custom Title Block in Vectorworks Fundamental".

In step 3 it makes mention that while you are creating the record format you can add a (#) after the 'field name' to create a multi-line field.

I have tried everything I can and don't seem to be able to make any field in a record multi-line without pasting in a carriage return where I want the text to move to the next line (very tedious as I have to edit this particular line to text often).

Is there something I am missing?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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I can do that also.

The problem is that in the title block the text will not wrap. It appears that there is nothing to tell the record that when it reaches a certain point the text must drop to the next line. Hope this explains my dilemma a little better.

I have some images that will explain what I am talking about better but I haven't worked out how to attach them to the reply. If anyone can give me a tip on this I will attach them.

Thank you.

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Click on the Reply button at the bottom of a post instead of the Quick Reply. Click on the File Manager link to add files or images.

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You can have multiple lines when you set a # behind the recordfield name, but you'll have to set those lines yourself with a return.

The way you can have what you want (automaticly wrapping) is by editing your symbol and set the text to wrap and set the max width in the oip. This way, it will wrap the way you want.

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Thank you for your input.

Either one of these options would be acceptable but I can't seem to get them to work. I will try and describe what I did so you can catch my mistake. I am just going to discuss the "title" text in my title block.

I open my title block symbol to edit. I set my title using multi-line text by using the bounding box feature of the text. I enter my text using Horizontal and Vertical "Centered". I enter "Wiring Diagram" and ensure that the text is located in the center of the box where I want it. The text width is set to 5.12" and "wrap text" I attach the text to the record for title and verify that the text width and "wrap text" are still set correctly. Close the title block symbol. (See Test 2-1)

I open the title block symbol for edit again and find the text width for the title has now changed to the actual with of the text (2.046")but the "text wrap" is still selected on.

I correct the text width and close and then reopen the symbol. It reverts back to actual width of the text entered.(See Test 2-1)

I exit out of the symbol and enter text in the correct data field on the OIP. I type in text as shown and the text still does not wrap. I also tried entering "Return" and "Enter" to make the text move to the next line but it just moves down to the next record. I tried every combination of "Return" and "Enter" I could think of to back the text jump to the next line but it wouldn't do it eg. ("shift/return","control/return","option/return" etc.). No joy.

Any suggestions?

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