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simple extrude problem


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Just upgraded from 12.5 to 2009. Haven't used the program in a year (have been designing costumes)but now back to it.

I have a REALLY simple question. It used to be that I could draw a polygon with the 2d polygon tool, or rectangle, etc and then extrude and I'd have a nice solid object. Now however, I only ever get a wireframe when I extrude. All of my stuff from 12.5 is rendered with textures and everything, but I can't seem to get anything but wireframes now. What changed? What do I need to do now to convert a 2d polygon into a solid object? What is extrude for, if not for that?

very confused, thanks in advance.

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And remember that if you are in Wireframe rendering mode, then an extrude does appear in wireframe,

If you want it to have solid fills on all 6 sides then you must use another rendering mode such as OpenGL, HiddenLine, etc.

That is just how extrudes work, it is not different from VW12 to VW2009.

Some Plug-in-Objects, such as a Floor Object for example, will display its fill properties in Top/Plan view, but a simple extruded shape will appear with no fill in Top/Plan view.

Simple questions are good, keep posting them as you are surely not alone.

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Thanks all. Here's the object file. I've rendered it in OpenGL. I used the polygon and rectangle tool to make the 2D objects, so I'm pretty sure they are not open. Then extruded. They will only appear in wireframe (even in the other document I took them from where everything else is rendered fine)

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