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Architectural Fonts for VW


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We had lots of problems using the font 'Technical' in the past. Sometimes the pdf that was exported from VW would have all the text dissappeared. We could never resolve the problem, so then I found 'Archie' somewhere on the VW website (as a Shared Resource, or something like that), but there is way too much blank space above each character in that font; which looks terrible IMO when using it for such things as the Space Tool.

So I found the downloadable fonts at webpage above, and so far, they are working great! Architxt looks exactly like the font that ACAD uses!

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I've downloaded the Architxt and Archtitl and have the same problem with the pdf export (all text disappearing). Is there something I am doing wrong? VW says they are owrking on the Grahhite Font but i need something now. Seems like a pretty fundamental issue....having a hand lettering font that works properly.

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Some of my older Technical fonts didn't export to PDF, presumably because they lacked a copyright "release" in the code. A few years ago I bought the 2005 Tekton font from Linotype, and the internal description says "Tekton" is a trademark of Adobe, makers of Acrobat PDF. Tekton exports to PDF, but it lacks some of the almost invisible inflections that give Technical a more realistic hand-lettered look.

I just tried my old 1993 version of Technical in Acrobat 8, and it exported fine from VW. I can't explain why it didn't work in the past. Since I use PDF to coordinate with consultants, I had to give-up using Technical until I finally found Tekton.

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I did a quick test of the Technical and Architxt fonts. I progressively added more complicated uses of each font to a clean file and exported each time to a pdf. Both worked fine until I added a callout annotation in a sheet viewport. Then all instances of Architxt (all of which had exported properly before the callouts in the veiwport were added) disappeared in the exported pdf, while all instances of Technical exported to the pdf as expected.

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I'm still confused. Which architectural lettering font will export to pdf with the GFI + imaging enabled? Does Auto Cad recognize only open type fonts? and Why does it take so long to get any formal recommendation form VW on this issue. It would seem that an architectural hand lettering font is not too much to ask. It is the first skill taught in Drafting 101 and to still be struggling with this after several years iof using VW is simply unnacceptable (to use the polite word). Does anyone know a fool proof architectural letteing font?

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I may have uncovered a bug (at least in my system). I have numerous drawings that are not exporting the ARCHtxt or ARCHtitl, (text or callouts) located on the Design Layer but will do so on the Sheet Layer. Funny thing is that it exports these fonts if used in dimensions on the Design Layer. It doesn't seem to matter if GDI+Imaging is enabled or not. HOWEVER when I do a simple test with a new drawing as J Lucas did everything exports fine from both layers (text, dimensions and callouts). I can copy my problem info into a new file and the same result occurs. I will send this in to the NNA Tech guys but wanted to include it in theis thread. The same thing happened with Graphite when I used to have that font on my old machine......hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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stmlandplan, This info is from a few versions back (perhaps as far back as 11.5). I was having similar problems with Adobe's Graphite font set. I was told (by NNA) at that time that only True Type fonts were guaranteed to work with VW's.

It would be great if one of the moderators could jump and verify whether that is still the case.

FWIW, I have always used TT Fonts since then and have rarely, if ever, had a problem.

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I just hung up with NNA and after trying several exports to pdf and image formats (jpg) as well as printing to pdf is seems that the ARCHtitl and ARCHtxt fonts are not compatible with pdf with the GDI+Imaging enabled. Sadly this is the only way to preserve the transprancies. Oddly enough sometimes it does work but that is the exception and I am told there is no way to diagnose it. When I disable GDI+ imaging I can export the font to pdf's but no tranparencies. This seems to be a problem with the font and my older Graphite font (which experienced the same problems) is apparently notorious for this. Stay away form Adobe Graphite fonts (even though they are beautiful).

I also am told by NNA that open type or True Type fonts work best. It is my undertanding that ACAD can only recognize OT fonts so I may need to try that.

I checked the Linotype font set recommended above but before laying out more $$ for another font can anyone test the export or print to pdf feature with GDI+Imaging on using the Linotype fonts? This may be a problem inherent only to my graphics card so I may jsut have to roll the dice anyway.

Thanks in adance for the help. Maybe this thread will help someone else too.

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