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SP2/2009 won't install


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I downloaded the SP2 for my VW2009 Mac version and when I try to update it says that I don't need to. When I go into the check for updates it says I need to. My about Vectorworks says its SP1 and the build is 96841. I just downloaded through the check for updates and again it says I don't need this update.

Any ideas. Do I just have a super kick butt version of VW that no one else has? My permissions look ok.

I am using 10.5.6 on a macbook pro 2.8ghz.

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I'm having the same prob on 2 machines. One runs 10.5.6 and the other the next previous version.

I clicked check for updates in About Vectorworks and went from there to:

You need to update!

Your version: Vectorworks 2009 Service Pack 1 (Build 96841)

Current version: Vectorworks 2009 Service Pack 2 (Build 99197)

From download page I got the disc image: Update to Vectorworks2009SP2

My serial number starts with A.

I do have SP1 applied. Build is 96841

My file is called: Vectorworks 2009.app. I didn't rename it.

It's in the Vectorworks 2009 folder which is in Applications (everybody found it OK)

The installer took to me to the brink of goodness then spit this back:

"Your version of Vectorworks was checked against the most current version and no updates are needed at this time"

What can it be?

{edit} I had thought for a minute that maybe it was something to do with 10.5.6, a very new OS update, but I've since seen in other posts that this works for some.

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okey dokey. It's not just me. And no I haven't renamed the folder, as the app asked you to do in the past (in OSX)

My serial starts with an "A" as well and I haven't had many issues since I was first using Minicad.

I also have to say that I even BLOCKED Xslimmer from changing this app, even if it meant saving me some space.

Thanks ccroft for the detailed input, I didn't have the energy to do it. Too many presents to wrap. lol.

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I tried it three times, but SP2 update for 2009 is not installing - at least, in "about VW", it still shows SP1 build 96841.

Tried rebooting my mac, tried downloading SP2 twice from VW.

Never had problems with this before.

NNA, please help...

Are you running either Educational version or another E series?

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I've contacted NNA by mail and hope for a swift answer.

Continue adding replies to this topic, describing your problems and what your system looks like as fully as possible. (OS, mac type etc)

That will help NNA to track down the source of our problems. They're coming to work about now.

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Wow! I was going to "whine" about this myself, but I thought.....will there be any cheese with that whine? I have the same problem. SP2 will not install. I download, unzip, click install and it I get "I don't need this because I am up to date" message. However the build number is still from SP1. I don't have the E series. I was just going to wait and call tech help this morning again. (SP1 did almost the same thing). Also I always must click "Browse" the folder even though VWA2009 is right there it says I don't have it and I have to click all the way through my folders to get to the VW folder that it says I don't have. I have always wondered if the space shuttle software has problems like this!

Either way, help is only a call away!

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I'm still receiving the message 'Your version of Vectorworks was checked against the most current version and no updates are needed at this time' when attempting to update with the installer. While in VectorWorks however, the 'check for updates...' menu item does indicate a newer version is available and directs me to the update web page. Do I need to re-download the installer as well?



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Ha. Yes, swiss cheese indeed. Watching the logs it looks like updates from SP1 to SP2 are still having problems. Working on fixing that, and will post an update here when I get it resolved.

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Guys - we're apparently shooting from all directions and NNA is responsive.

They are looking at it while writing this and will get back a.s.a.p.

JKelly, I might drop off from my office before that. Please drop a line here when all engines are go. I've been in contact with Gunther.


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