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Site model not showing a cut or fill volume?


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I have created a site model recently, but for some reason, I can't get the cut and fill volumes to display anything but 0.000000 CU Yd. I have created several site models and have always been able to confirm these in the past.

Any ideas???

Could the area of the site model be too big? 366224.041 sq ft


2D Display Proposed + Existing

2D Style 2D Contour

3D Display Proposed Only

3D Style 3D Contour

Area Display Type

Volume Display Type Cu Yd

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Are you using VW12.0 or VW12.5? I recall that the site model works better in 12.5.

And are all of the site-related objects on the same layer?

I have worked on a site about that big in VW12 a few years back, and it did give me the cut/fill numbers. But the size of the site did cause slow updates.

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I was simply recalling my experience with the Cut/Fill command. In my experience, while using VWA 12 for a big site, the simplified polys made a difference between getting a calculation result in a dialog window, or nothing. And at the time, it appeared to me that the "nothing" result was from a script timing out, possibly because the calculation was taking too long.

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The Volumes dialog usually appears at the termination of a successful Cut/Fill procedure regardless of the accuracy of the data. Larger datasets will result in longer calculation times as well as improved accuracy.

Nevertheless, the DTM parameters & spacings should be minimized to provide a nominal result based on the desired incremental volumes processed by the men&equipment required for the sitework.

For example, compaction is usually specified by layers & densities which have DTM calculable volumetric characteristics. Therefore, the precision of the Cut&Fill procedure should reflect the compaction factors.

In my limited experience the use of a uniform topographic grid determined by the minimum incremental volume for the DTM procedures greatly improves the over all efficiency of the process. Indeed, the end result is more easily checked for errors by manually comparing Cut&Fill volumes from a few representative grid cross-sections.

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