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I am an architect and landscxape architect in San Diego. My work is primarily large scale site design, landscape, some very site specific architecture and a variety of unusual commissions. I am considering switching to VectorWorks from AutoCAD. I would like opinions on which of the package(s) would serve me best (not into rendreing or machine design - use others for that) without feature overkill. I'm using Windows Vista operating system. Also, thoughts on local venders that are knowledgeable and courteous...

Thanks in advance

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If you get Landmark and Architect that combination used to be the same cost as the Designer Series. For landscape the Landmark series is a must with all the plant libraries and textures available. Depending on how much Architecture you do the Architet Series would also have an abundance of resources to facilitate your designs.

Pat Stanford on this list is in LA and can assist you but he may know of someone closer to your area. You could call the sales office listed on the website to see if anyone else is in San Diego.

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I have a license of VW 2008 Designer with RenderWorks (Mac platform). I've been informed that I need to upgrade to the latest version ($500) in order to switch platforms from Mac to PC - I am not interested in doing so, therefore my VW license is useless to me. If you do decide to go with VW, I'd make you a hell of a deal. Totally legit - I'd work with you and Nemetschek to cleanly and legally transfer the license and switch it over to PC. Let me know if you are interested:

mark (at) exocubicstudio (dot) com

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I have a license of VW 2008 Designer with RenderWorks (Mac platform). I've been informed that I need to upgrade to the latest version ($500) in order to switch platforms from Mac to PC

Who has informed you that you need to pay to switch platforms, VW2008 is not platform dependent. You should be able to install on either platform. This is certainly the case in Europe.

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It depends on what license type you have.

A series licenses (Serial number starts with an A), are platform specific.

B series licenses are dongle protected and are not locked to a single platform.

A series are the standard in the US. I believe B series are standard in Europe (and maybe other places.)

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Here's the body of the email I received from NNA when inquiring about switching my VW 2008 Mac license to VW 2008 Windows:

Hello Mark,

You can switch platforms, but you will have to upgrade to do that. Platform switch can only be done in a current version.


Jenna Harper

Sales Representative


Nemetschek N.A. Inc.

7150 Riverwood Drive

Columbia, MD 21046


(Toll Free) 888-646-4223 ext. 688

(Fax) 410-290-7266

To learn more about the exciting new features in all of our Vectorworks 2009 CAD products and see them in action, visit www.vectorworks.net/upgrade

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Hey Nedly welcome to the site-I'm a home designer here in San Diego (I've been looking into seeing if a user group can come to life down here)

I also thought that there was not much difference in price between Designer (all modules) and just adding one or two modules and would recommend Designer on that basis.

I don't do much landscape design but from what I can see I think Vectorworks with Landmark and Architect would suit your needs very well. I'm on a Mac so can't speak to the difference on Windows but don't think there is much in the app itself.

I have not heard of any local vendors, I think one must obtain it directly from Nemetschek North America.

Give me a shout out if you need more info- don't know if I can help but will be happy to try.


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It sounds quite likely that you will be designing unique 3d elements for some of your clients. If you do, you can render in OpenGL but to get to the better rendering options and settings, Renderworks is worth the money. Even though you say rendering will be left to others, once you get started with simple rendering to check your model, you haven't very far to go to get really good renderings while staying entirely within Vectorworks.

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