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John Meunier

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There's almost nothing in print.

Older versions had a printed Language Guide. Maybe you know somebody who has one.

I might consider printing the pdf, but at best it's a guide.

I found an old text on Pascal that helped me with some of it. They're similar. It's Programming in Pascal by Nell Dale. Of course there's no mention of any of the 'built-in' Vectorscript functions, but it might help with understanding Procedures, Functions, Variables, Scope, Data Types and other constructs which the two share. It helped me...somewhat.

It won't help much with understanding things specific to Vectorworks such as parametric objects, working with objects in a drawing, or criteria specific to our program.

As I've said before, there's no substitute for bone-headed determination and experimentation. An obsessive personality is powerful engine in this pursuit.

Keep trying.

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