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Graphics Tablets and VW

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I use a Wacom Intuos 12X12 USB on PowerMac 9.0.4. It sees a great deal of use in VW/RW, and even more in Photoshop, which I use for theatrical design. Architectural needs may be different?

For what I do, the 12X12 is plenty big, and I'd even consider a 9X12. Practically the day I got the thing, I saw my work take a giant leap forward. If you draw for money, I wouldn't screw around with anything less than an Intuos-if God made anything better, he kept it for himself.

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Originally posted by Colman Stephenson:

Does anybody have experience of using Graphics tablets and VW for architectural work?

Is this a useful way to work?

Does it make any difference with tablet I use?

Very grateful for any advice

Colman Stephenson

I've been using a Graphire Tablet 4" x 5"(even w/two monitors).. It is plenty big and less than $100. It works great for every day work w/vectorworks. Cuts down on fatigue w/ a mouse and productivity increases. Get one!!!!

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tmadsign brings up some good points. The additional sensitivity of the Intuos is probably lost on VW, though the menu strip is awful handy. And the Graphire price is compelling. take a look at Wacom's comparisons between the two, and see if that helps any.


Also, I do use my 12x12 on a dual monitor setup. dunno if the smaller size would be a help or a hinderance in that situation. Buy from someone with a good return policy!

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