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About C4d and Vw: Plug included in the installer.

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Is there any documentation regarding to these new plug in?

Does anyone notice it?

Does the new plug in export classes?

Is there a way to scale the model while exporting or opening it on C4d?

Is the plug in supported by NNA or Maxom, or third party?

I successfully exported these elements:

Layers, symbols, objects (as geometrically defined), lights, cameras and textures.

Thanks in advance!

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The plug in is working well for me. It works as it always has, export by classes, color, fill, etc.

There used to be documention at maxon.net. It is a third party plug in. I don't know if anyone has taken responsibility for support, but after the first couple of versions it's always worked well.

For scaling, there is an option in the C4D prefs. Look in Preferences/Import-Export/Vectorworks and there is a default scaling option.

C4D uses "units" rather than any real world dimension. Personally, my VW docs are using "Feet and Inches", and I have C4D set to "Inches" (preferences/units) with a scaling of 1. These settings let my C4D space work in "scale", i.e. moving something by 12 units results in a 1' move.

Hope this helps

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I made a mistake, seems I was still using the old VW12 export, I get the same result you are with the new one on the 2009 disk.

It seems to be a different product than the VW Export that I bought with C4D, and does not seem to offer the same export control.

There is an updated version for 2008 on the Maxon site that seems to be working with 2009, but this only includes the VW component, and not the C4D import files.

Sorry about the misinformation.

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