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Importing from ArchiCAD

kevin b


I am an ArchiCAD user (but don't hold that against me) and we are trying to work with a structural engineer who is using VW 2008. We have worked with this consultant for many years, translating our files to DWG, using translators we have created in ArchiCAD. With the most recent upgrade to AC12 it is no longer working, even using the old translators. What gets me is that we save to DWG, open the files on a PC using AutoCAD 2004, clean up, purge, save as, we even tried wblocking the objects out and still he can not open our files. Once we open and save in AutoCAD 2004 shouldn't the file be just a plain old DWG? Anyone experience anything similar? Know a work around? Work with ArchiCAD users and know a better way? Any help would be appreciated. We have no problem with these files going to AutoCAD users. You'd think since both our software are owned by the same company now it would be a little easier.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks that's really helpful input.

You're most welcome! Hey, I've written a MapInfo export filter for VectorWorks but I don't expect either NNA or MapInfo to take responsibility of its functionality. Or users who do not have it, to be able to help in any way.

If ArchiCAD cannot produde valid DWG-files, complain to Graphisoft. If VW cannot import a valid DWG-file, then complain here. If your translator fails, throw a tantrum in private.

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