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How to Submit a Bug Report

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If you run into a situation where the software is not acting as expected, it may be a matter of better understanding the feature, menu, technology, or tool.

In this case, please contact Tech Support at tech@nemetsche.net OR use this this form

In other cases, the situation may be an internal issue with the software. In this case, the engineering team needs to be alerted as soon as possible.

To submit specific information in regards to this situation, please use the following criteria to alert the engineering team of the issue.

If no file required, please use this form to submit the issue at hand.

If a file is required, please use email to communicate the issue. (bugsubmit@nemetschek.net)

An issue in the software cannot be fixed by our engineering staff until it has been understood and duplicated by our Quality Assurance team. For this reason, it's paramount that your workflow leading up to the bug be revealed in a simple, step-by-step fashion, when reporting the problem. An example of a properly submitted bug is as follows:

1. Using the Rectangle tool, draw a rectangle of any size

2. Go to Tool > Duplicate Array

3. Select the, 'Next Mouse Click' option and click OK

4. Click in the drawing and the rectangle fails to duplicate

To further aid in our ability to duplicate the bug, please consider the following:

-Include a minimal VectorWorks test file which explicitly illustrates the problem. Send test files in a separate mail to bugsubmit@nemetschek.net

-Always refer to Tools and Menu items by their given name. Avoid made up names and acronyms as this causes confusion.

-If printer problem, mention printer make, model number and current driver version being used.

-If video display problem, mention make, model number and current driver version being used.

-Submit bugs one at a time. Do not enter several bugs into one form.

-Provide ALL of the information requested below.

  • Operating System
    If using Mac OS X, please include the specific version of the Operating System
    Exact version of VectorWorks
    The exact version of VectorWorks can be found by going to {Windows} Window > About VectorWorks, and {Mac} VectorWorks > About VectorWorks.
    VectorWorks product being used
    If a printing problem, the exact printer make, model, and driver information.
    If a redraw or refresh problem, the video card make, model, and driver information.

-For more information about how to submit an effective bug report, please visit this site: www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/bugs.html

You will only be contacted if more information is required. Please do not send emails asking if your bug was fixed. If you need immediate assistance please contact Tech Support at tech@nemetschek.net.

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