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Anyone running VW9 in Windows 98 or 2000

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New VW9 installation in Win2000 crashes (runtime error)when creating or editing roofs, adding or editing dormers or using the framing tool to frame roofs, walls, etc. Was told by tech that it is an operating system problem (Win2000). Tried in Win98 and guess what, same problem. Any body else running Windows experiencing anything similar?

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There are a couple of bugs (or possibly just one which manifests itself in a couple of ways) related to roofs and undo that we know about. It's hard to say whether you're seeing the same thing, or something different. Could you post a more detailed description of the steps we can take to recreate the crash you're seeing?

By the way, if you want to report a bug quickly, you can always send a description to <bugsubmit@nemetschek.net>.


Caleb Strockbine


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The error message I get is "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library, Runtime Error, Abnormal Program Termination" The easiest way to recreate this is to use the "create roof from..." tool. The crash will sometime happen at this point if the roof is complicated. This also happened in 8.5. Sometimes the roof will be created, sometimes you will get a "roof to complex" message, and sometimes you will get the crash. All on the same shaped roof. If you can create a roof try adding dormers and editing them. The crash will almost always happen here. I have experimented with different shaped roofs, working in different views, etc, with no luck. This is in Win2000. The crashes while trying to use the framing tools are not as predictable and also seem to happen in Win98. I have recreated the dormer crash in safe mode. I am trying to figure out if this is a general Windows problem or something unique with my system.

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