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Step-Back function to undo steps while drawing a polyline?

Mark Taylor

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YES! Simply hit the delete (backspace) key once for each vertex. You can do this during the creation process. This is great feature that was added back in version - um - I can't remember, maybe 11.5 or 12?

Before that we had to redraw the entire thing. When you made a mistake toward the end of a complicated poly it was horribly depressing.

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Yes, I also remember the depressing days (not so distant) of using TurboCAD 10 (a few iterations back) and having the software crash after 4 hours of intensive drawing only to discover that there was no autosave or backup of any kind. That's when I discovered that TurboCAD could fly like an eagle, but couldn't walk on level ground.


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Ah yes, it was TurboCAD that lead me to VW (then MiniCAD) also.

Back around 1992, I bought TurboCAD 3D. Spent hours modeling and then ran a command. BLAM!!! lines to infinity in every direction. Tried it again and got the same result.

Called Tech support. I think it was the programmer. Explained the situation. His answer was "That tool only works with 2D objects. Don't use it for that."

I asked if they would put in a check to make sure a valid object was selected and he said "No. It works fine."

I promptly used their money back guarantee and orders MiniCAD. Never looked back.


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Started using MiniCad December 1990 & loved it, except for how it handles arc polylines, I do wish after 18 years that they could eliminate the restriction imposed by the mid-point (phantom) vertex. Merriam-Webster Dictionary: phantom - "an object of continual dread or abhorrence".

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