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Filled windows?

Tim Perks

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Select the window and look in the Object Info Palette. Does it say Window or Window in Wall?

If it is Window in Wall, then there is something else wrong.

If it say Window, then the window did not get placed in the wall. Drag it away from the wall and then back in, making sure the tip of the mouse pointer is between the wall lines when you release it. This will make sure it is inserted in the wall.


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Tim, to solve your trouble with the windows (frame, jamb and sills) being filled solid, be sure that you have a class assigned to the windows, and that class reflects the attributes that you want for your windows. For example, if you want your frames to be colored, then make a new class, set the fill color to solid, and select the color you want. Then, assign that class to each window (you can also set the default by double-clicking the Window Tool, then clicking the "Settings" button to set all the attributes of all subsequently placed windows.

The glazing setting (In the "View" subsection of the Window Prefs) seems to be a sticky bit. See my post today "Window Glazing/Style Classes". I have come up with a solution for the glazing, but it's still frustrating that a new transparent class needs to be created and assigned because the existing clear attribute option in the Window Preferences pane doesn't work. At least this is the case for my install. Yours may be working. Is it?

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Even with Pat's suggestion? I'm pretty sure it won't work if the window is not properly placed in a wall. Can you re-create the problem in a fresh file? I'd try that with a new wall section, and window settings set up as described earlier. And, until you go through the process of setting the glazing class, as described in my earlier post, the glazing itself will be opaque.

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I can recreate the problem. This is not a 3d problem, this is in plan view. The windows are properly placed in the wall. The problem isn't the glazing, the entire window object is opaque. If the wall is drawn with a thick line weight, it really noticeable because the window object covers half of the line.

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I agree with Pat. It sounds like the window is not placed in the wall correctly. I had the same problem not too long ago, it turned out that as I dragged the window along the wall. I accidently pulled it out of the wall. It still appeared to be in the wall, but when I rendered it the wall appeared solid.

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I have the same issue as @Tim Perks(correct me if I'm wrong), just to be clear, it is a "know how" issue. This not a 3D render issue, it's a 2D graphic representation problem. If we are on the same channel, what we need is to know how change the 2D graphic representation of individual window elements. In my case I want to show the window frames in a solid black fill and the rest in white fill. Does anyone know how to achieve that? 

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 17.19.04.png

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 17.18.27.png

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Hi @mendezarcediego - this forum gets more and more powerful - I started reading the thread and realised I was back in 2008. However, your problem is more current so..


You have set the line and fill type as class styles. Is this your requirement?




I'm not 100% sure what you are after here, but just to change the fill to black and the line to white will maybe provide your solution?  Can't think it will be that easy but lets look at it from that direction first!




I note your walls are black - is that intentional also?


Come back if I've totally misunderstood. If its more complicated a file will usually help.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
1 hour ago, SamO said:

What version of Vectorworks are you using? In Vectorworks 2017, the window options look like this:

There appears to be no way of changing the class of individual elements.

This looks like a localized version of the Window tool, are there other Window related tools available? My version is the English global version, but some of the distributors customize some elements or use different plugins entirely.

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