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Create class from current attributes


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Well, I have written such a script (in 1999.) Very handy indeed, but would benefit of some improvements - thanks for reminding me! I might even put in in Public Domain as a menu command.

Or as a 10? piece of CharityWare: the user pays 10? to a non-religious charity. Concept by Yours Truly - a phenomenally unsuccessful concept so far, with only some 2000? collected: the stingy (or financially totally unsuccessful - could that be because they use VW?) VW users want everything to be totally free!

Meanwhile, you could check if there is one already at VectorDepot.

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Actually that is the main purpose of my script...

However, if there is only one object selected and that is in class "None", you are prompted for a new class name. (This is one of the things I'd need to improve: the command should remember the name of the previously created class and use that as the prompt.)

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OK. Fixed, improved etc. Ready to ship for Christmas/Hanukkah/Yule. Not to mention that cows, goats, wells and improved dry latrines are welcome at any time of the year in countries where 10? per week is a handsome income for a family.

So, at 10? per user (licence, that is, not per firm): any takers? Hey, you can even pay more, if you like! I'm sure that eg. UNICEF, Red Cross or Medecins Sans Frontieres can use every penny!

If you wish to get the menu command & donate, send me a Private Message. I do not have a "distribution mechanism".

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2009 has the new Tool Called 'Visibility' and these fit in line with that trend of giving a Tool composed of graphic icon for graphic control. The icons for these tools need updating, no time yet. Many Vectorworks plugin sites have similar tools. Gives the ability for post identification of objects to change rather than pre-selection so those with little intellect like myself can make a change.

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I made a charity donation, nice excuse for some holiday giving.

And Petri's menu command works perfect. Thanks.

For some reason Anti-Matter, these tools are not working for me.

Perhaps just because I am on '08 and these were made for '09...

Anyway, I tend to agree that this makes more sense as a Menu Command

than a Tool, but that is just me.

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