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Different Ways to Get an Image

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I am wondering what methods folks like to use to export a digital image of their renderings.

I typically render in Final Quality Renderworks (I have just begun playing with Radiosity) on my design layer. Once VW is done rendering I will export a JPEG file using the Draw Marquee. I am very pleased with the JPEGs that I get from this method, but the trouble is that VW has to render the whole thing again when it exports the file.

When I want multiple views of a model, I have also used Render Bitmap, placed bitmaps on the Sheet Layer and printed PDFs, but I find that the images get pixelated when I print and the file sizes are huge because of the bitmaps.

I would love to hear others' methods for getting their final digital images out of VW and the pros and cons of each.


~Mark M.

Win Xp

VW 12.5

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I suggest the one and only method: create Sheet Layer Viewports.

Set up a view you like in the Design Layer, draw a rectangle

around what you want to create a Viewport of, then go to

View>Create Viewport.

The rectangle you drew will be the crop object,

which you can edit/adjust later, then set your scale

and other Viewport properties.

You can place many VP's on one Sheet.

Export as what ever file type you want.

Similar to Saved Views, these Viewports will

save all of your settings. Once you have the

VP rendered, if you Export or Print it will not

go through a re-render.

Model in Design Layers, Print & Export from Sheet Layers

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I suggest the one and only method: create Sheet Layer Viewports.

Clearly this is not the ONLY method - there are several ways to do anything in VW.

I just tried using the Viewport method and I can see the huge advantage that VW does not re-render when I export - super time-saver! I am familiar with creating/using Veiwports, but I think the reason I was adverse to this method is the difficulty in editing your 3D view. Please enlighten me if there is a way to edit your viewport view using the standard Visualization tools (Flyover, walkthru, etc.) rather than the Set View dialog from the object info.

Preferences on JPEG vs. PNG vs. PDF vs. other image file types? I just read another thread that recommended using PNG because it won't produce artifacts like a JPEG will. I tried exporting both and the PNG is definitely cleaner when I bring it into Photoshop for "post-production." I think that I'm a PNG convert now.

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I do as gmm18 does, create a SLVP and export from there.

I set up a camera on a design layer, mess around with it's location & settings until I get what I want (in wireframe or OpenGL,) then create a SLVP from that. Then I run test renders at low resolution to tweak render, material, and other settings. Then I run a final render and export after it finishes.

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I said "only way" because it is the preferred and recommended method.

If you need to change the view AFTER creating the viewport,

then either:

a). duplicate the viewport (so you don't lose your original), Enter the Crop Mode, in which you can change the view with flyover, walkthrough, etc, in wireframe mode only.

or if that is not working for you:

b). Double click the viewport, and go to Design Layer mode, then adjust view, and create a New Sheet Layer Viewport.

Using Cameras is a great tool as Bill described above.

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Thanks guys, for explaning how to SLVP

Also been converted to PNG, but only for the very Final product as they are 3 times the size than JPEG's with HDRI's.

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Hi there again guys

Got a question on SLVP's.

First let me explain:

I use Design Layers to render and export from, so I have Layers named DRAFT, PLAN, FRONT, PRES.

PRES is set up in a perspective view linked to the PLAN layer and has the background of choice applied with optional Directional Lights(to simulate the sun).

I have now created a Viewport on a Sheet Layer from this PRES Design Layer. Clicking on the Layers tab, which layer needs to be visable.

Do I select just the Layer PRES or PLAN aswell, as they are linked?

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One more...

How whould you export the VP?

File>Export>Export Image File>....Export Area??? Current View?, Marquee? All Visible Objects is not an option with two VP's in one Sheet Layer??

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I'm not exactly sure which layer you want on in the SLVP. I'd guess that you want just the PRES layer.

I use a camera to set up my views. I build the model, drop in a camera (from visualization palette,) double click on the camera to see the view, then go to View>Create Viewport and create my SLVP. Then I adjust class and layer settings as necessary.

All Visible Objects isn't an option with multiple VPs? Weird. I just checked in VW2008 and it is an option there. Otherwise I'd probably use Marquee or Current View.

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You can copy and paste a rendered viewport's image from VW to another app (like Preview on the Mac). In Preview there is a File->New from Clipboard item that will bring it in so you can re-save it in another format.

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Hi guys

Thanks for the replies.

Bill, I see I'll have to adopt a totally different way of exporting a 3D presentation.

Just to understand you correctly, You Build your model and place your camera in the same Design Layer??

Sorry if I confused a bit, So I don't have to select the Layer which is the link?? (set as visiable, the rest will be invisiable)

When you have more than one viewport in a Sheet Layer, you'd only want the one, so0o you won't be using "All visible objects" as an option.....

Dave, I notice the Viewports react very mucy like a Bitmap created with the bitmaptool....was wondering if you could just copy and paste.

This means you do not have to Export as such, but copy/paste directly into say Corel11??

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I place cameras on their own design layer, set to the same scale as the other model layers, with z set to the plane I want camera to stand on (ground or floor.) You can place them on the same design layer if you want to. I'd recommend using a different class for them, though.

The camera lets you set viewer height (I use 5') and view angle / lens size. So for exteriors, I set my camera layer to same z as ground plane and for interiors, I set the layer z to match the floor layer. I use none class for cameras.

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