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Tiling Command

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I have created a symbol and added it to the Default Library 'Tile - Symbols'. It shows up in the Resource Browser of the default file, and I can select it in the list that appears when using the Tile Command, but it doesn't actually get placed in my drawing. I select the symbol from the list that appears and it seems to run through the script but nothing happens. I've tried this in 12.5.3 and VW 2009 (SP1). Any ideas?

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Class visibility issue?

Scale issue, meaning the scale of the symbol won't fit the polygon, like say on a sheet layer (1:1) viewport?

The symbol contains 3d stuff? (although I think the command gives an "invalid object" warning for those, and doesn't go through the script)

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Thanks Chad for your suggestions.

I opened the files up today and now in the VW 2009 file the tiling is working fine (!!) and in the VW 12.5.3 file it partly works. (Unfortunately the client uses 12.5.3). With the VW 12.5.3 file, the symbol will tile but only when it fits perfectly within the object. If the object is smaller than the original symbol, it doesn't insert it at all. If the object is larger than the original symbol, it only tiles the area where the whole symbol can be inserted/repeated completely leaving the rest of the object blank. Its definitely got me scratching my head! :-) I can only figure it must be something in the original VW script which unfortunately can't be edited or looked at.

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