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How do I draw a curved double line?

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For 2D you can use the Board (generic) option of Architect's Linear Material tool.

for 3D there is no option. You can draw a Nurbs path and after editing the vertices to get the shape you want use Extrude Along Path. This path can then be edited via the 3D Reshape tool. To do this effectively you will need to use the different limiting modes in conjunction with appropriate views. Be warned this is not particularly intuitive and would be much easier if there was a 3D nurbs path tool which had the ability to draw a 3D path by entered X, Y and Z vertice values.

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The offset tool will work for now.

It would be nice to draw a 3D pipe object on a 2D terrain view and then tell it to SendToSurface:-6" depth:10' max radius (for an irrigation line, for example) and then have VW drop to 6" underground. The same could be used for a flex drain pipe, except that we would need to choose a starting depth and then by sections, perhaps, define a slope.

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You can do it using "Extrude Along Path" and maybe even from simple extrudes, but you might have to build it from a series of parts. I never have too much with this sort of thing, because in reality it'll get built from straight pipe sections and angles (or sweeps), all of which can be modeled pretty easily in VW's...

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