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Print Output is not Black and White



I'm recently returning to VW - just upgraded 11.5.1 to 2009. I'm printing in house to an HP 1700cp large format inkjet. I've downloaded the most recent Mac OS 10.5 HP driver and all is well, except .... the lines of my drawing are a shade of gray and the dimensioning, call outs and other text is nice and black.

All class pen colors are black and vary in dimension from .05 to .25. Those at .05 print darker (blacker) than those at .25.

Any clues what may 'fix' this?

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One sheet of 5 is particularly affected. There are two VPs on the sheet, both modeling the same design layer. I printed the design layer and it too came out a gray scale. I have set the advanced properties > line weight of the VPs to 1.5. I duplicated a design layer which printed black and white and copied and pasted in place the drawings and still it's printing a gray scale. I have looked at the design layer from every angle and cannot come up with why (?)

Still looking for clues.

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Just talking to myself gets me where I need to go it seems - the answer was as simple as selecting a heavier line weight in the design layer. I don't understand because the same line weight in other sheets printed just fine.

In any event - thanks for the space to weed thru the troubleshooting.

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