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Video card woes

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I am using a 733 G4/ OS 9.1 using VW v8.5.2. I have also used this on an 8500/180 with a G3 card and a beige 266 G3, both running OS 9.1. No problems with either. This issue with the missing handles etc. is solely a Vectorworks conflict with the nvidia card. It does not effect any other application. I have upgraded to the latest driver, v1.0.1 of the driver update (at Apple's suggestion), but the problem as mentioned still persists. The work around that I have discovered is to disable the "nvidia driver update" extension. Yes, this slows graphics performance (not too badly), but I can still use millions (or thousands) of colors at a high screen resolution. Using 256 colors makes the screen too "chunky" for long term use. Hope this helps in the short term, BUT a proper fix for v8 users should be in order without being forced to upgrade to v9.

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