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Extrude attributes


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As I understand it, the attributes that are applied to extruded forms do not render in Top/Plan view and Wireframe rendering. Since those are my preferred modes for plans (both in design and sheet layers), non-extrudes such as walls obviously "show up" but extrudes do not--except as wireframes.

Can somebody explain the logic of this? Or am I missing some method of rendering those extrudes in 2D?

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Welcome to the world of hybrid objects. Once you get used to it and understand it, you'll appreciate it.

Many VW objects are "already" hybrid- walls, roofs, floors, window and door PIO's, etc. When you build stuff yourself, you need to make it hybrid if you want it to show other than wireframe.

Generally the easiest way to do this is to create the 3d stuff, and then select it all and convert copy to lines. Edit the lines to show the appearance you want, including composing/drawing over with filled polys. Now select the 2d stuff, the 3d stuff, and create symbol. In a 3d view, you'll see the 3d stuff, and in a 2d view, you'll see the 2d stuff. That's hybrid.

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Can somebody explain the logic of this?

I'll give it a go.

The generic 3D-world of VW does not assume a projection. There is no "Top/Plan" view. Any 3D-object can be created in any projection and rotated to any angle.


You sweep a shape in front view and extrude another one in left view. How do you expect the resulting 3D-entities to be shown in "Top/Plan"? What if you would Multiple-extrude in Lower Left Rear Iso view?

Floors, Columns and Roofs (those hybrids) are good options for building design of the tectonic kind.

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Thanks, Chad...I understand now. Although to me the "convert copy to lines" step seems superfluous.

On a somewhat unrelated note regarding the identification of 2d, 2d/3d, and 3d symbols (eg by the subscript number in thumbnail view): clearly 2d symbols have a 2, 2d/3d symbols apparently have none, and 3d symbols have a 3. I'm confused about the latter, because all 3d symbols I've looked at look 2d in Top?Plan. Or in other words, what is a purely 3d symbol?

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