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Symbols not taking record format by default?


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Hopefully I am doing something wrong with how this process used to work. Now, in 2008, it does not seem to. I am trying to create symbols which have a record format automatically built in.

Previously, I did this by building all the elements to the symbol, assigning all of those elements the record format with the correct info in each field, then selecting "Create Symbol". The symbol would be created with the record format and all the correct info in each field already there, so that any time I inserted the symbol into a drawing, the info was there.

Now when I follow this same procedure in 2008, the record formats do not attach, and I have to go to each symbol inserted and activate the record and enter the field info. When inserting hundreds of symbols onto a drawing, this is very time-consuming, for something which used to be automatic.

Is there something I am missing?? Please help!

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