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Rendering quality

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Here's a screenshot of a 300 dpi render I did a few days ago.

Exported a tif instead of making the viewport and exporting the sheet layer. I got a much higher resolution shot doing it this way. I still maintain that exporting a graphic file is faster than from a sheet layer.

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Yes. Actually I didn't get good results from a sheet layer at all. Perhaps I had a bad setting, but I didn't like the anti aliasing from the output of a sheet layer. So I went back to my tried and true "export graphic file." I was able to pump out two renders at 8.5x11 at 300 dpi in a fairly short time. I think each one took no more than 20 min, if that.

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Looks Great Grant

I also do not go into Sheet Layers.

Maybe they will work better when doing trussing with 120 lights and Litfog.

At present I use Design Layers with a camera view in a linked layer. Still get upto 2hrs of rendering time, but if I had to do someting like what grant did, maybe only 30min...and I'm on VW12.5. :shock:


What background did you use there. Looks realy great and simplistic. Is it HDRI?

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Thanks Grant

Will go look for that one as I do not have it.

(Man I seriously need an upgrade...

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