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Worksheet quantities

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I am new to worksheets and am presently trying to figure it all out. I need to make a worksheet to show plant data. I have managed to get all my data onto the worksheet. On the worksheet it seems to list every symbol of a particular species that I have put on the drawing. I just want a single row with a total quanity of each? Can someone help??

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Try the "spreadsheet reports" discussion. there is a lot of great information on that topic. I am not sure if you can do what you want to do. For instance, if I use 32 of a particular size anchor or j-bolt in a concrete wall I will get the totals in the "header row" and then 32 rows of that J-bolt, which is an enormous waste of space and paper if printing.

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OK try this.

Create a drawing with some plants (10 to 20 of 4 or five different types should be enough).

Go to the Tools Menu, Reports, Create Report. Set it to be Object with a record, Plant. Do not summarize.

You should get a worksheet showing one row for every plant in the drawing.

Select a row in the database and drag the SUM icon down to Column A. You should now have a single row for each different type of plant in the drawing.

Select the database header row and select cell C2 (you could insert a new column or use any other column, but for simplicity, use C2 for this demo.)

Change the formula to (or overwrite the existing formula with) =count

The data in column C will now be the number of plants that match the Summarization.

If you go through and change the Tag Display of some of the plant to be different than the others (left instead of right for instance), you will end up with a -- in column D since the data is not the same for every plant.

If you now drag a second SUM to column D (remember to select a row in the database first), you will get two multiple rows (one for each Tag Display option) for each plant that has different settings. Plants that all have the same settings will still display as a single row.

Hope this helps,


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