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VW9 Impressions and Speed Issues

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After receiving my VW/RW9 upgrade earlier this week, I have mostly positive items to report. RenderWorks texture controls are vastly improved over the v.8.x version. At first look the OpenGL software on my G4 (350MHz/448MB RAM/OS 9.1) seem to be at least as fast as the Quickdraw 3D was on v.8.x. I have not yet been able to do much testing of the modeling and rendering.

My primary use thus far has been in VW 2D drafting and graphic design-type activities. The application seems to be a little sluggish compared to v.8.5. Whether I am switching between different tools, saved sheets or selections, I feel like I am suddenly using a somewhat slower machine. It is only slightly annoying, but if there is a quick fix, I would like to see it in a maintenance update.

The spell checker and find and replace are very welcome additions.

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I've been experiencing sluggishness too. It gets worse as a work session progresses. By the end of the day, the system seems to slow waaayyy down to the point of being unuseable at times.


G4 400mhz, 1gig ram (this is recent)

OS/8.6 , VW9/RW9 (also recent)

This was'nt a problem with v8.5.1 and 128mb...

Any ideas?

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