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Set Position lacks existing position

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I like the new set position tool for symbols (windows) but I am missing the ability with one click to discern the existing location of the window in the wall per the wall end/edges-So that I can move that window immediately by keyboard inputs or be able to use that datum info to locate other windows or elements.

Am I missing another way to do this without manually clicking edges and window points or manually gesturing and dimensioning?


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The new "Set Position" tool is nice, but it is no replacement for the old dialog. Please Nemetschek, please give us back the ability to simply enter the position of symbols by number.

Moving something around is not the same as entering the position for it. If this were the case, we could get rid of the object info palette entirely, because we have the "Move" command anyway. Why take away functionality?

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I use the third mode "Reference Point Mode" to check the position of windows...seems to work really well for me...

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Also, did you know that in VW 2009 you can use the "MOVE" command on PIO's in walls, and it works! Check it out...

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Yes, the "Move" command in VW 2009 is great, as well as the "Set Position" tool. I am a great fan of those improvements and I appreciate the good work that went into the release of VW 2009.

But I also miss the old "Set Position" Button, because it worked from a position zoomed far out of the drawing. For the new "Set Position" tool you have to zoom way in and measure precisely, which is very good at times, but is generally a big time waster.

May I suggest an even better way to set the position of a symbol in a wall:

This should work just like the position widget for a rotated rectangle. (See screenshot) You could easily see and enter the distance of 9 points from their respective corners in a wall.


This should be sufficient for 90% of all "Symbol in Wall" positioning needs. In these cases there would be no need to activate a separate tool. We would also get rid of the Button in the tool palette, because the information is always visible.

If you need more flexibility you could still use the new "Set Position" tool from the tool palette.

For even more power there could be the posibility to place loci inside the symbol or plug-in object in order to mark the 9 points which are referenced by the 9 locations in the widget.

Edited by Thomas Wagensommerer

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