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2009 Service Pack 1 Update and NO TRACK PAD FIX


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I was guessed that with a POSTED PROBLEM with the MacBook Pro track pad zooming issues that there would be a fix in the 2009 Service Pack 1 Update. It seems I guess wrong. I still am not able to zoom in or out without using the track pad without problems. What gives Nemetschek? Do we need to wait till Service Pack 2 or VW 2010? As you can see I am a little bit unhappy about this.

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I guess my rants must be moot since Nemetschek was aware of the problem within two weeks after the release of VW2009. I didn't mind that there was a problem with the release version. Those things happen. I purchased VW2009 on or near it's release date, installed it the day I received it and discovered the issue that same day. I spoke with Tech support multiple times and tried various possible solutions but with no positive results. I posted the problem on 11/11/08 and saw that others also had the same problem. This showed me that it was not an isolated issue with my MacBook Pro. I know that these things take time to fix. So when I saw Service Pack 1 was released I was looking forward to the fix. I read what Service Pack 1 would do and saw nothing mentioned of this problem. I installed it and saw it was not resolved. This is why I posted this on the Forum. I am a huge fan of Vectorworks. It is an essential part of my business. I only want to help the product get better. This is why there is a Forum.

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"I only want to help the product get better. This is why there is a Forum."

I agree with you. That IS what there's a forum. And we all do want VW to get better. Understand, I'm not busting on you, rather playing devil's advocate to your points. It's funny- when Windows releases a new OS, the common opinion is "I'll wait for the service pack, or, (I've heard this..) I'll wait a year and let the bugs get worked out." But, when it comes to software; especially software that's as complex as a full 3D CAD, and I'm guilty of this as well; it's expected to work darn near perfectly practically right out of the box. Not knowing how to code, but from looking at; in another thread; the script involved just to hide 2D loci, it's amazing (to me) that it works as well as it does. Give 'em a chance; oh and in the meantime, get a wheel mouse, and zoom from the wheel. I can't imagine working from a trackpad alone.

Patience brother.

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