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Returning to VWA (couple year hiatus)


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My sig should give relevant system and version info. I'm picking this (VWs) up again and have done a fresh install of VWA 11.5.1 onto my MBP. So far so good except the upper ruler has a couple dashed lines running through it - just not crisp and clear.

How can I clear this up please?

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Oh great - just what I didn't need right now. Well lets see, guess I could migrate back to my MDD that has 10.4.11 or the Sawtooth ... hmmm ... or check the price of upgrading?

I realize this is a difficult question but, if I were to upgrade, I wonder if there are any thoughts on which version to upgrade too. I'm not entirely familiar with the version releases since 11. (12, 2008 & 2009 ??)

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Hello Pat and others,

At the moment my biggest concern is cost (of course) and secondarily, the screen resolution of the MBP has me spoiled.

I've seen my options as:

1. Fork out the cash for 2009 and use VW on the MBP

2. Fork out (maybe) less cash and get a better monitor for one of the other G4s and use VW 11.5.1

3. Knuckle under and use what I have ... VW 11.5.1 on a lower rez screen.

Just wondering if there are any thoughts on this - kind of a 'personal' type decision - maybe looking for 'food' for thought.

Thank you


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Ray and Bill - thank you - this is what I was looking for. I can imagine the improvements in 2009 vs 11 as well I can imagine somewhat of a 'new' learning curve. Probably worth it.

The screen issue boils down to .... I understanding I wouldn't be happy with a 'run of the mill' screen and was visualizing a cinema display, however, I don't know how a cinema display stacks up to the cost of upgrading to 2009 from 11. I will be finding that out shortly.

Good food for thought - thank you both.

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