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VW2009 Bug!

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Snap Loupe Tool does not display when used over the following onscreen drawings: gradients, bmp's, jpegs, pdf's and other imported images.

Nemet you need to fix this, as this is a feature that I upgraded for.

As a comparison I just bought a new washing machine the other day and I unpacked it out of it's box, hooked up the water pipes, plugged it in the power socket, put some soap in and pushed the wash button, it then weighed the clothing, puts the right amount of water in, washes, then rinses, and spins and then beeps to tell me it had finished without any issues. The point is, all its features worked.

If only Nemet would do the same with their product straight out of the box, as I seem to recall issues with VW2008, v12 and I think v11.

Maybe industry beta testing would be worth a shot before releasing a version.

It has cost me several hours which I am unable to recoup, and can't really send the product back to get it working now can I.

Come on!

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