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Step by Step with Vectorworks Architect

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That book is a VW 12 book and is not available any more. Even most of the 2008 workbooks cannot be sourced from NNA by Computers Unlimited - they simply are out of print and no stock available.

If you are after 2009 versions, give me a call in a 'couple of weeks' as CU are expecting stock in of the 2009 versions then.

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I dont mean to sound rude but why is it still on the website?

I am looking for tutorial manuals for Vectorworks 12/12.5 which can be bought here in the UK and have metric measurments - any help with this?

Ive found on the whole the support and training that has been available in the form of manuals very poor compared to the abundance of tutorials for AutoCAD products

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This has been discussed before, but in case you don't know, the help files contain the exact same information as the printed manuals. If you want to print it yourself, there is a PDF version located at Applications:Vectorworks 2009:VWHelp:Additional Documentation.

If you prefer a true printed manual, they are available for purchase from NNA directly or any reseller.


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The PDF manual, I might add, is for the Designer version of Vw, which has noted articles for the Architect features I do have, such as cabinets, along with Designer features I don't have but I wish I did, such as handles for those cabinets.

For the price, I found the archoncad Architect Tutorial very helpful. And the pdf has embedded videos for instant demonstrations by Jonathan - something more than you would get from just a book. And the demonstrations are in metric - so I would have to take every centimeter length and divide by 2.54 for inches.

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You are right about there being features in Designer that are not in Architect, but your example is not one of them.

Designer is a combination of Architect, Landmark, Spotlight and Machine Design. With Designer, you get all of the features of all of them. Designer does not add additional features that are not present in each of the individual modules.

So Designer offers the 3D screws/nuts/bolts that are not in Architect, but the cabinet module in Designer is exactly the same as the one in Architect.


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Pat, I can see that the cabinet plug-in object is the same for both Designer and Architect, but it looks like the handles are missing in Architect (or are they?) At any rate, it is keeping me from putting handles on my cabinets.

I've assumed that cabinet handles are a special feature of Designer, but if there is a way to have them in Architect, that would be great news.

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mike m,

You absolutely nailed the problem - thanks. I had the Cabinet Pulls.vwx squirreled away somewhere else, so I made the folder where it should be, and the pulls showed up under the cabinet OIP.

A bit of a distraction from the main subject, though. Maybe I should have mentioned hardscapes, which I know is not in Architect but in Designer.

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My thread has been hijacked lol.

Im still unsure if archoncad's books are worth the price especially if Im working with architect. I have money here Im just wondering if I can find answers to questions for free?

So ive worked out it will cost me ?42 with manual itself; how much will shipping be?

archoncad you have a potential buyer here

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