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Curved truss tool all black in 2009


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Whenever I use the curved truss tool in 2009 it makes the truss all black (in 2d form) regardless what fill color is selected. If I ungroup the curved truss I can turn the fill color white but this is undesirable as it is no longer editable as a truss object. I've also tried importing a curved truss object from 2008 and it looks fine until I edit anything in the object info, then it turns all black.


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Maybe this is a class issue - I notice your Fill and Pen attributes aren't selected for Class Style, unless they show differently in v2009. It sounds like there is a over-riding class with white fill involved somewhere.

Is the truss in its own class, set up the way you want, including texture?

If you go into the truss group (double click, not ungrouping it) what class are all the constituent members? They may have to be individually classed and textured.

In your Attributes palette, with nothing selected, are all Fill and Pen boxes set to Class Style/Color? I use None as my default class, with the Fill and Pen boxes set up like that, then I change the class of an object once it's created, and the object then adopts the new class characteristics.

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As long as the curved truss is a truss object, it will not change it's pen or fill color.

Double clicking a truss object will not allow you to view it's members so long as it's still a truss object. It must be ungrouped unless there is another way I'm not aware of.

The truss doesn't create it's own class nor do the inner members have an inherent class. I've tried your method and it still will not change its pen/fill colors from all black.

1. Create a new document. The only classes are the defaults (Dimension, None).

2. With nothing selected, set my default class to None, set my Fill & Pen to Class Style/Color.

3. Use the curved truss tool to place a truss object.

4. Create a new 'Truss' class and changed it's pen/fill colors.

5. Changed the truss objects class to use the new Truss class. The object does not adopt the new class characteristics.


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