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OpenGL Rendering Complex Objects?

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I'm trying to render an interior I've built. It is a church, so there are very richly moulded surfaces. Practically every surface, in fact, has some moulded ornament.

The file is about 90MB and all of the objects I'd like to render are either NURBS surfaces, solid subtractions, solid additions, or plain extrudes. There are no textures and I have the VW and the doc. prefs set to maximize rendering speed (so, lowest level of detail, light sources not visible, etc.). All objects are solid and are plain white. The interior is built up mostly of symbols - each of which I have seen render just fine in Open GL separately. However, when the whole lot is together, it chugs away at rendering and then, after about half an hour, the application 'unexpectedly' quits.

What's going on here?

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It's probably running out of memory.

Are you using OpenGL rendering when you get the message?

How many light sources do you have in the drawing?

Please note, making the light sources invisible in wireframe or rendering will not save anything. The number of lights in the drawing does affect rendering time and memory required to render.

How much built in memory do you have?

What OS version are you using?

Also, if you have VW 10.5.0 or later, you can convert the solid additions or subtractions to generic solids. That may help with not only file size but rendering time and rendering memory.

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Katie and Dave,

Thanks for your help on this.

I'm running VW 10 on a G3 iBook with 256RAM (will upgrade to 640 in a couple of months when I get back to the States and can get cheaper RAM) and System 10.2.3

There is only one lightsource - the sun (I'm trying to see how sunlight is distributed in the interior) set using the Set Sun Position option under Lighting.

I have tried rendering with Fast Renderworks but that hasn't worked either.

When rendering with Open GL, after about 20 or 30 minutes at the 'Geometry' stage (it gets just over half way through) VW quits and I get the error saying that the application has unexpectedly quit.

The funny thing is, that a version of this same project that was nearly 300MB (I've found ways to save space now) rendered fine in OpenGL. The only difference between the two now is that I've converted a lot of my complex objects into symbols (to save space) and I have inserted tracery (made of extruded polylines) in the windows (this tracery and all of the symbols have rendered fine in OpenGL on their own).

Thanks again.

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